At IBC For Canadians, we believe that all Canadian should have access to the best tools and education to protect, grow and use their money simultaneously. One of the main tools to achieve that is the Infinite Banking Concept®, developed by Nelson R. Nash and used in the States for over 40 years. We also believe that handling your money is only a part of your development towards success, your health, wealth, and spiritual growth all need to be combined if you want to reach that balance and successful stage where you can mentor others to grow as well. 



When you can give back 30%, 50% or even 80% of your income to charity, then we will have succeeded. 

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Learn more about the team and our philosophy when it comes to proper financial planning. Meet some of the selected key players in the financial industry. 


Growing your money is only one small component of your financial future. If you can't control your expenses, it matters little how much money you make.


There are a lot of resources available to understand the Infinite Banking Concept®. Here are some books and websites that are well worth reading.

What is IBC?

Learn how the Infinite Banking Concept® has been used in the States for 40+ yrs, and why it's the only strategy allowing you to use and grow your capital at the same time.

Learn how to take control of your money, and prepare for the future!

IBC For Canadians is the Canadian Education Platform About The infinite Banking Concept

Help people keep more of their money so they can be in a position

to give back  to their community and to charity!

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